A firm created thirty years ago

Groupe d'Etudes AUBA is an architectural and engineering firm that has built, over the past thirty years, an internationally recognized reputation for quality design, planning excellence and technical expertise.
Throughout its practice, the firm has focused on conceiving buildings that are true to their socio-economic context.

Scope of work : architectural and technical studies

Our professional role in the creation of spaces encompasses programming, urban planning, architectural conception, engineering studies, site management, space planning and decoration.


 An important number of realizations

AUBA has conceived and carried-out over 500,000 square meters of space since its creation in 1972. This considerable experience has given the firm solid architectural and technical expertise.

A varied production

Primarily built in Africa, the projects of AUBA vary in type and scale as much as in their field of utilization: urban planning developments, public buildings (government agencies, banking institutions, medical facilities, hotels, educational facilities), corporate offices & residential buildings
(luxury villas, private houses, low-cost housing complexes).

High performance in each realization

The architects of Studio AUBA exhibit the same versatility whether the focus is on developing luxurious settings for prestigious buildings or inventive solutions for low budget operations. Each realization demonstrates thorough attention given to conceptual research and the construction process.

The firm includes two main departments :

An architectural department : STUDIO AUBA

Its staff consists of talented architects and project designers organized in project teams. This studio develops all of the architectural and urban studies.

A technical department : AUBA ENGINEERING

This department is headed by our engineers who work closely with specialized independent consultants (structural, mechanical and electrical). This process insures absolute control of all technical issues regarding structure and infrastructure.

The Group's strengths today  :
A team able to carry out the entire scope of construction studies

The combination of these complementary professional resources gives our firm its particularly thorough conscience for the continuation between form, function, structure and volume. This conscience helped create a powerful and innovative architectural vocabulary. Our knowledge of
materials, construction techniques and our artistic sense of perfection and detailing, results in a unique production of buildings and spaces.

Qualified professionals using the latest technology

The use of computer aided drawing software in our projects' conceptual and technical phases allows us to meet the highest standards of performance in terms of drawing communication and schedule. Use of the Internet gives us access to the latest technological advancements in our professional field by providing an unlimited resource to update our knowledge.

A group of professionals sharing one passion

Our passion takes root in this constantly renewed challenge of creating and perpetually improving our living space and its urban landscape.

To Create, build and act on the social fabric of society is the goal of the three dimensional process that defines our work philosophy. Each one of these three dimensions generates complementary and
contradictory elements that articulate the body of our reflection. Their balance is the essence of our creation.

Architects in three dimensions: Creators, Builders and Social actors.

Architects : Creators

At AUBA, each project is approached as a unique creation for a new architectural space that will add to the overall mastering by man of his environment. It is this constant challenge that has generated our method:
This method is to conceive imaginative architectural solutions that find their essence within the very constraints and challenges of a project by transforming them into unique creative elements rather than limits to imagination.

Architects : Builders

Our conceivers are also builders. They are simultaneously artists and technicians. Their knowledge of construction techniques and materials is essential to the adaptation of aesthetic choices with a project's financial constraint and site particularities.

Architects : Social actors

Our commitment to create a social and cultural impact on community life through architecture is the third dimension of our work. While conceiving new spaces, our architects create interactions and
synergy between the people and their spatial environment. Their choices directly influence the lives of the inhabitant of a building or neighborhood, and the social interactions between them.
We also concentrate on conceiving buildings that convey and regenerate the cultural heritage; while architecture must reflect a society's cultural heritage, it must also have the ability to generate new ideas and concepts in order to renew it.



Hilaire Locoh-Donou

Hilaire Locoh-Donou was licensed by the French government after graduating from the Architecture University of "Les Beaux-Arts" in Paris; he also obtained a license in Urbanism at the University Paris-VIII. After working in France for several years he founded AUBA and settled its main office in Togo, West Africa. During the following years of intense activity, he extended the firm and added to its existing Lom a branch in Niger and a specialists consulting office in Paris.  
His leadership and the direct collaboration of other associates in a professional office environment have generated the working philosophy of the firm.  
Mr. Locoh-Donou's experience and professional achievements have earned him recognition from his peers in the architectural field in Africa. His honors include: President of the Togolese Institute of Architects (1985-1996), Vice-president of the World Union of Liberal Professions in charge of the African continent (1994-1998), Governor of the Rotary International for the West African District 9100 (1998-1999).  
He is the President Founder of the firm and he assumes the global responsibility of its activities.


  For each project, our contract references with the contractor are the standard contract of the National league of Architects in Togo and of France  

Schematic Design development

We then study ideas and produce a presentation, including computer developed drawings, perspectives, renderings and models. This prsentation  clearly expresses the organization and articulation of the forms, materials and colors selected to convey, in the genesis of the project, a complete architectural scheme to our client.

Building Permit application documents

This preliminary set of drawings is then detailed and formalized to issue for the building permit application that will include area calculations  and a global cost estimate.

Construction Drawings and Specifications for contractor bidding

The set of construction plans and written specifications are completely developed for contractors to evaluate the exact nature and scope of their work and finalize bids.

Final Contractor awarding

Once all the contractual documentation is completed, we assist our client in the bids analysis and choosing the contractor best suited to carry-out the construction.

Building Site Supervision and Construction Management

Our experience of construction management, coordinated through planned meetings and building site visits, guaranties an efficient control of the building's realization according to the studies. Once completed, we assist our client in the final reception of the building.

Each project requires a strong collaboration between the parties involved for its success. You are a fundamental partner in this team work and your active participation during the research studies and conceptual process is paramount. It is essential that you provide as much information as possible and that you commit to convey precisely the outline of your needs and desires to our team.

Our professional commitment extends from assisting you in a sensible program definition to overseeing the building site surveillance and final opening phases completion. Our unique sense of performance in each new project and direct involvement of the principals throughout each design phase is the basis of our years of success and ongoing client relationships.

It is with confidence in our ability to capture your imagination and to give it form that we invite you to live with us the great adventure of creating our living space.